Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

Recent studies have shown that women tend to need more sleep than men. This is because women are more adept at multitasking. However, this can be emotionally and mentally draining and cause the brain to get tired faster. With the introduction of different digital screens, the number of hours of sleep women get has started reducing drastically all over the world. Other factors like young babies, shift jobs, insomnia, work stress, uncomfortable mattresses and so on also contribute to sleep deprivation.

Interestingly, sleepiness is present a bit differently in women compared to me. Women tend to display higher levels of hostility, distress irritability and depression when they do not get enough sleep the previous night. Although men display similar symptoms, they are not that intense when you compare women's sleep vs men's sleep.

How Much Is Sleep Enough?

While it has been established that women need more sleep than men to function productively, the question remains as to how much extra sleep do women require? According to recent studies, even an additional 20 minutes of sleep is enough to do the trick. Although this depends on the woman, her age, physical activity level and so on.

While you sleep, the brain repairs itself and recovers from the use it was put to while you were awake. The cortex is a part of your brain that is responsible for language, though memory and so on. When you put your brain through more work during the day, it is necessary to give it enough time to recuperate and rest. Women often multitask throughout the day, so it is understandable that they need at least 20 minutes of extra sleep to help make up for it.

What About Men Who Have Complex Jobs?

Men who have complex jobs are also expected to get more sleep than the average male to make up for the extra use they put their brain to. However, men are not as easily affected by lack of sleep as women. Although they tend to display similar symptoms, the intensity is a lot lower. This could be because women tend to express their emotions more freely compared to women.

How Sleep Loss Effects Women?

Women who suffer from sleep deprivation are at a higher risk of developing different health ailments compared to women who get the requisite hours of sleep every night. Some of the commonly seen health ailments caused by sleep deprivation in women include:

  • Hypertension: Women who tend to toss and turn the majority of the night are seen to have a higher blood pressure level. This can lead to heart problems if not taken care of as soon as possible.  Women often find it difficult to fall asleep at night when they are under stress. This leads to sleep deprivation, hypertension and heart ailments.
  • Type 2 diabetes:  Lack of sleep can impair glucose tolerance levels in women easily. Women who do not get enough sleep at night are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes earlier than later.
  •  Depression:  Any change in your sleep routine is a cause of concern for depression. While some people tend to sleep more, others end to suffer from insomnia when they develop depression. Investing in a high-quality pillow from Wakefit might help them fall asleep faster.
  • Weight gain:  Getting enough sleep plays a significant role in helping women maintain their weight. Since lack of sleep is often linked to increased appetite, it is not surprising if you have put on a few extra pounds if you haven’t been getting enough sleep recently. Women who are suffrage from sleep deprivation tend to put on more weight than men who are in the same situation.

This proves that like always women require a little extra of everything and the same applies to sleep as well!