Top 9 Tips to Plan Your Master Bathroom

Are you thinking of revamping your master bath? Today, more than ever, homeowners have an array of options. From soaking tubs and dual showers, to live-edge wood, built in storage and saunas. Regardless of your preferred choice, the power of tub enclosures cannot be underestimated. Looking for tips? Let the countdown begin.

Dual Shower

Would you really forego a bathtub for a shower? What if it’s a great shower? A dual shower has two showerheads, built in storage and black slate.

Soaking Tub

If you prefer bathtubs, purchase a Japanese soaking tub. It's appropriate for congested spaces or if you intend to construct spacious showers. Often, soaking tubs have a small footprint. However, it has adequate space for you to submerge.


Most realtors like black and white colors. They are versatile and can easily blend with different house designs. You can install horizontal wall tiles and manually printed floor tiles. Alternatively, select a hex-tile and classic subway combination as it can last for over ten years.


Wood is ideal for modern and rustic interiors. A live-edge wood creates a mysterious ambiance in your bathroom.

Bath with a view

 Bath view may not suit people with close neighbors. Wall-to-wall windows create a soaked-in feeling. Ensure you align your window's lower part with the top to avoid overexposing yourself. Also, install window shades to increase light filtering and privacy.


Adequate air circulation is necessary for any bath. If you’re not keen on privacy, you can open a wall to your backyard by installing glass. It allows you to enjoy your surrounding environment during the day. All pathways of about 36 inches for proper circulation. Contractors recommend leaving 42 inches close to your sinks to allow an individual to enter the shower as you use the tub.


Homeowners, especially those living in chilly areas require saunas. An ordinary sauna doesn't need to be spacious. You can build a medium-size sauna at a low cost.


Often, when an individual renovates an entire master bathroom, they consider a variety of storage options. You can fix extra shelves, recessed niches and wall cubicles to increase your storage space. It efficiently utilizes empty wall space.


Ensure you can easily access your sinks while entering your tub. The most popular configuration is aligning two sinks in a cabinet. Arrange luxurious spaces with individual cabinets, allowing each family member to have a countertop.

Most contractors recommend installing quality appliances from reputable sources in your master bathroom. American Bath Enterprises, Inc. supplies unique acrylic showers and tub enclosures. We develop affordable products that are ADA compliant. Call us today at (888)228-4925 to place an order.