Streaming Super Bowl 2019 from Anywhere In the World

The Super Bowl 2019 is about two weeks away. All indications point out to an eagerly awaited event by fans from all over the world and if this is anything to go by, then this 2019 sporting event should be amazing.

Plan Early

To get the best experience of the 2019 super bowl you need to start planning as early as now. Do you want to watch the live happenings or will just be comfortable flowing with the fanatic hashtags that will be doing rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms? If you are for watching the real deal and hope to catch the Super Bowl games in real time, then you are at the right place.

Read on for insights that will help you get ready for the Super Bowl 2019. Let’s start with the dates…

When And Where Is Super Bowl 2019?

The Super Bowl will kick off at exactly 6:30 p.m. on February 3, 2019. This year’s venue is the Mercedez-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Watching the Game

For a comfortable view of all the event’s happenings, I would recommend online streaming. Other alternatives include going to the stadium in person or watching it live on CBS. Going to the stadium means paying no less than $5,000 for the tickets while watching it on CBS will require you to be stuck at a place where you will have access to cable TV.

Online streaming is a suitable alternative that will give you a first class feel of the event but even this requires some preparation.

Live Streaming the Super Bowl 2018

Aside from the TV broadcasts, this year’s Super Bowl will be live on CBS’ sports website You will also be able to access the live streaming through the company’s sports app. Great news and is that all this will be available at no cost. The CBS sports app is available and compatible with many devices.

Streaming the Live Game Securely From Anywhere in the World

The super bowl hype is the talk of the town. Fans are getting ready but so are internet criminals and intruders. Be very careful when you download a free VPN for the sake of bypassing geoblocks, free tools are usually synonymous with data thieves, and free VPNs are known to collect and sell user data, they might even turn your computer into a zombie devise remotely controlled by criminals.

No one wants to watch the Super Bowl 2019 live only to realize later that some rogue hacker stole their bank credentials or stole their identity for digital crimes. Avoid the risk by connecting to the live streaming sites and applications via a VPN. A VPN helps you send or receive internet data without disclosing your real IP and your internet traffic. VPN work by encrypting data to ensure that it reaches the intended destination without being compromised or intercepted.

Looking forward to streaming the game live from a location outside the United States? If yes, then you also need to get a VPN connection. Apart from ensuring that you browse the internet safely, a VPN connection will help you gain access to the live streaming on CBS sports website. Please note that this website has geographical limits and can only be accessed by people within the US. But with a VPN connection, there is always another way! All you have to do is gain a connection to a VPN server within the US. Doing this will hide your real location and allow you to access data on your browser or android app as if you are within the United States.

Don’t Miss the 2019 Super Bowl live using a VPN

Atlanta is ready and the recently commissioned Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta looks forward to hosting its first Super Bowl event. We do not know who will play during this big event, but we know whoever of the seeds makes it to the event will make the event amazing. These will surely be happy times for the sports fans, so much to look forward to.