Protect Your Family from the Sun

Does the hot sun prevent you and your family from enjoying your patio, porch, gazebo, or other outdoor space during the sweltering months of summer? Do you hesitate to cook on your grill or host a party because the hot sun makes your patio intolerable? Are you afraid to let your children play on the patio or porch for an extended length of time because they may get sunburned?

Patio shades can easily solve these problems.

Avoid the Risk of Heat Stroke

Patios, porches, gazebos are designed to make the outdoors more enjoyable, but sometimes the blazing sun and soaring temperatures make the space not only uncomfortable, but it can present a real danger as well. Too much sun can not only cause sunburn, skin damage, or even cancer, but too much exposure at one time can cause dehydration or heat stroke. Younger children and older adults are more susceptible to these conditions, but dehydration and heat stroke can happen to anyone.

Don’t Spoil the Party

The sun blazing in the sky can make any outdoor gathering a miserable affair. Hot and sweaty guests don’t make happy company for a party or cookout. If you love to entertain, don’t let the sun ruin a party or family get together.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

Don’t let those UV rays wreck your outdoor plastic or wicker furniture! Constant exposure to bright sunlight can fade your colorful cushions as well as the furniture, such as colored plastic or wicker. Not only does sunlight bleach out the colors, it steadily weakens the fibers of cloth and breaks down natural materials, making the furniture unusable.

Patio Shades Are Good For Plants

The secret to great looking patio plants, such as lush ferns and brightly-colored coleus, is plenty of shade from the broiling sun. If you enjoy growing plants on your patio, porch, or other outdoor space, consider installing patio shades to protect the tender leaves from the direct sun. More shade means less watering and better-looking, healthier plants to dress up your patio or porch.

Pets Need Shade

Humans aren’t the only ones that need to avoid the sun during the hottest months of the year. Pets can suffer dehydration and heat stroke too. A pet that’s exposed to blazing sunlight without shade or water can develop kidney failure and die quickly. Since animals can’t speak and voice their distress, it’s up to the pet owners to provide protection from the sun.

Patio Shades Are the Answer

Patio shades are the answer to a homeowner’s problem of too much sun exposure. Patio shades provide the protection your family needs to stay safe during the hottest months of the year. Knowing your family and pets are well protected gives you peace of mind.