Mysteries of the storage industry explored

Stacking, racking and packing are all terms used by people in the storage game. Because storing things is not just a case of piling them all up on top of each other and hoping for the best. Effective storing is about knowing where things are, being able to access them when necessary and, probably most importantly, ensuring that when the items are needed that they are in good condition, in no way damaged or tarnished from their experience in storage. Given that the world of storage is a bit of a mystery to most ordinary people we thought it would make for interesting reading to take you behind the scenes at warehouses and storage facilities and to explore more about this essential part of life.

Purpose made solutions

Any good warehouseman will tell you that shelves are not a one size fits all solution. Depending on size, shape and weight different types of shelves need to be used. You might have a need for pallet racking Melbourne or for a cantilevered shelf in Perth. Perhaps you need a garage type facility to store furniture. What is important is that if you are looking for a storage solution that you speak to the right people and provide the correct information. They are experts in the field and they will be able to advise on what is the best place and facility for you.

Precious items

There is a difference between storing lots of identical items versus individual things. In other words, if you are a producer of sinks or baths the manner in which you store them will be very different to it you have one vintage car that you want looked after. Bespoke solutions are often harder to find than ones that cater for large volumes. In the scenario with the sinks and baths a whole warehouse could be kitted out to cater for the wholesale requirements of the company, but with the vintage car, unless you are a millionaire with a hanger full of cars you will need a specialist solution. Fortunately, there are companies that specialise in most types of storage. There are companies that store cars in air-tight units to prevent rust, there are people who store win in large cellars with temperatures regulated. The reality is that if there is a demand for it there is probably a business somewhere that will cater to your needs. You just need to find them.

Filing is imperative

You have seen it in libraries where books are stored, they have a system to make sure that the books they have are easy to find in a logical manner. Libraries will do things alphabetically or using the Dewey decimal system. Chronological order is also often used. Whatever it is that is used it is vital that you are able to find what you need as soon as you need it. If you are storing papers and documents, then this is especially important as an important file or document is easy to lose and is completely useless if untraceable in amongst a room full of other papers.