Medical marijuana countering the growth of cancer cells

Cannabinoids which are actively present in the Medical marijuana has proved that they can destroy the cancer cells effectively. These discoveries will definitely guide through new ways for more effective therapies. Cannabinoids which are named as phytocannabinoids work as sensory receptors in the cerebrum.

THC is one of the popular chemicals and is the most hallucinogenic. To be said there are over one hundreds of cannabinoids which are consisting of various properties as well as element profiles. Furthermore, now counter cancer effects of cannabinoids came into existence.

The impact of Marijuana for killing leukaemia:

  • For illustration, THC can destroy the cancer cells without destructing the healthy tissues. Laboratory and some studies have derived that specific cannabinoids of Medical marijuana inhibit tumour growth by increasing cell death and blocks the enhancement of blood vessels that contribute a tumour.
  • In a research, it was derived that the combination of some chemicals can become the probable killers of cancer cells. Examining the cancer cells in the laboratory the team tested different types of cannabinoids which are useful for killing the leukaemia cells.
  • Even they found that THC and cannabinoid when used alone also kills cancer cells but when used as the combination their effectiveness will be drastically improved.
  • They even originated that early dose of chemotherapy pursued by cannabinoids increased the whole presentation towards leukaemia cells. Combining chemotherapy with cannabinoids derived best results against killing cancer cells compared when using it alone.

 To be said these type of findings will advance the efficiency of leukaemia treatment and should hope to reduce the impact of chemotherapy treatment. The results of the treatment will be prospective and the power of indication supports the efficiency of cannabinoids towards cancer cells.