Intuitive design of our Laptop case

The Laptop case is made of waterproof nylon with faux fur lining to provide protection from the possible formation of scratches on the body of your laptop. There are two at the front, and one compartment at the back that is zipped. There you can place all your devices, documents and things necessary for work or that you may need, for example, on a business trip. The Laptop case can be worn in three different ways: on the shoulder, using the carrying handle, or simply in the hand, and also there is a special strap behind it, thanks to which you can fix this bag on your suitcase.

Laptop case will be a real boon for owners of laptops who want to protect their device, at the same time always look stylish, and feel comfortable. The Laptop case will provide protection for your device from various mechanical influences, exposure to moisture, scratches, and chips in the case at a high level. This level of protection is achieved through a specially designed three-level structure of the case. Covering the bag, consisting of water-repellent neoprene, will allow you to safely carry your laptop in the rain or in a backpack along with other items. The auxiliary foam layer of the cover provides a cushioning effect, prevents deformation of the body of your device in case of accidental fall or hit of foreign objects. The lining in contact with the laptop made of soft fiber microfiber, protecting your laptop from the formation of scuffs and minor scratches. Despite the multilayer redness of the Laptop case, it remains thin, bulky, light and compact to use. Its design is designed to fit perfectly in size with most modern laptops, and the Laptop case does not take up much space on your desktop and bag. Your laptop and a zipper ensures the protection of the device from possible slippage from the Laptop case.

Laptop case - an elegant cover bag for an intuitive and convenient transfer of your laptop. It is distinguished by its portable size, which is ideal for its constant holding in the hands, and emphasizes the lightness of your laptop. The Laptop case impresses with its sophisticated design - smooth lines, high-quality outer surface made of full-grain leather and a soft woolen lining. All this undoubtedly complements and protects your laptop in the process of daily use.

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