Instances Where a Birth Certificate May Be Required in Florida

One of the most overlooked identity documents is the birth certificate. In most cases, this document is forgotten in a safe deposit box or among some negligible documents until you need it for something. However, the certificate is vital and demanded in multiple instances.  Here are some instances when you will need a birth certificate Florida;

Admission into schools
Most of the learning institutions require proof of the student’s age and identity before enrolling them, thus requiring the birth certificate. This will provide proof of the student's age, and they will be placed in the right class depending on their age.

Signing up for sports in learning institutions
Children in learning institutions have no other form of identity proof other than birth certificates. When signing up for sports, they are required to provide their ages so that they are protected from injuries that could be inflicted by playing with older kids. Proof of age will be provided in the birth certificate.

Applying for your social security card
Have you lost your social security card? You might need to provide your birth certificate along with other forms of identification before it is replaced. The birth certificate is also a mandatory requirement during the initial application for these cards.

Applying for your driver’s license
Most states including Florida require that you provide your birth certificate as proof of your age when applying for a driver’s license or renewing it. While this might not be a requirement in other states, it does not hurt to bring it along just in case it will be required.


In Florida, a marrying couple is required to prove their identity through a birth certificate. This acts as proof of their nationalities and age.

Not only will a birth certificate be a requirement when you are applying for a visa or passport, but many cruise lines require that you provide it as you board to prove your identity. This is mostly the case in situations where a passport is not necessary.

In a nutshell, a Florida birth certificate is a vital document to access institutions or procure essential services. At Fastbirthcertificates we could help you obtain your birth certificate in real time. We are committed to excellent customer service, and we are the only birth certificate company accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Also, our servers are secure, and we only have a few select employees who access our database. Drop us an email today and let us help you obtain a Florida birth certificate.