Importance of dog in a person’s life:

Dogs have got the distinction of being man’s best friend for a reason. They are loyal and take good care of you.Most people think that dogs are only meant to guard your home or office, but thinking this is totally pointless as several surveys prove that dogs improve the mental and physical health of a person. Thereby, making you disease resistant.One should consider the fact before buying a dog that it takes a lot of hard work to take care of your pet. A pet is not something that you just buy, and then pay no attention to them. You have to play with them, feed them, and take care of them.

This is why one should buy puppies:

Watching your child growing up in front of you is balmy. The same thing occurs in the case of a dog.Puppies are the cute little things, and you can’t stop adoring them. Puppies lift their hands to shake, as a little baby wants to be with you, and this feeling is unparalleled. The main puppies, people do buy are Pug, French bulldog, and bull terrier puppies. Puppies can make your bad day turned into a happy one. Waking up in the morning and seeing these little things sleeping on your chest is the best feeling ever.

Some facts every dog lover should know:

Having a dog helps you maintain your cholesterol level, as you daily go on a walk with them. Several people think that dogs can make you sick because they keep licking themselves as well as you, and that could transmit serious life-threatening bacteria. But the study shows that people with a pet dog tend to go a doctor lesser than the people who don’t have a dog.Until your dog is vaccinated against rabies, it’s all normal if you get a scratch by the playful manner of your dog. Dogs fill people with enthusiasm and keep them all day energized.