How to Shop Responsibly and Eliminate Plastic Waste

Plastic possesses a huge threat to our ecosystems and our way life. While there is still a raging debate on global warming and climate change almost everyone agrees on plastic’s threat to our environment. So how can you help limit the usage of plastic products? Will give you 5 tips when you are out shopping to help do your part on curbing plastic pollution.

  1. Buy reusable shopping bags. No matter if you are clothes shopping, grocery shopping, or any other kind of shopping have reusable earth-friendly bags. Plastic bags make up a large portion of plastic waste. Most of the time they are one use only and then we throw them away.

Having reusable bags eliminates your plastic waste from shopping endevours. In most cases, they are even more helpful than plastic bags. You can have bags lined with material to keep groceries cool, they hold more items without ripping than plastic, and the come in all different sizes to fit your needs.

  1. Do your best to purchase everything in boxes or your own containers instead of the plastic bags or containers used by companies. Lots of items like detergent, milk, and others come in paper boxes now instead of plastic containers. Look for the boxes instead of the plastic containers.

    Other items like cereal, coffee, pasta, and rice you can get from self serve sections and you can use your own containers to bring the goods home. Find groceries stores that have self serve areas and bring your own reusable containers.
  2. Another major contributor to plastic waste is disposable razors. The best type of razors to buy would be eco-friendly razors. They are not made from plastic and the blades are the only thing that you replace. A full article on eco-friendly razors can be seen here. Eco-Friendly Razors
  3. Another purchase that will help lower your plastic footprint is multi-use Q-Tips. There are a lot of different options out there. The ends are made of soft fibers that you clean after every use. The plastic in the single-use Q-Tips adds up when you find out the Average American throws away 220 Q-Tips a year. Multiply that by the 325+ Million American and America alone throws away 700 million Q-Tips a year.

    You can check out this Kickstarter if you want to purchase the last Last Swab you will ever need.
  4. Buy and use paper straws. Did you know the #1 contributor to plastic in the United States is plastic utensil and straws? Think about it, every food provider besides fine dining typical supply plastic straws with their drinks.

Paper straw companies like Eco-Pliant offer paper straws that are biodegradable. Most people when they think of paper would think the straw is dry and hard to get off the lips but these straws work and feel similar to plastic straws without the harmful effects to mother earth.

You don’t have to do all of these things when you are out shopping but if we all change little by little and pick on or two things off this list it will make a huge impact to limiting plastic pollution. Plastic pollution effects drinking waters, eco-environments, tourism, and our food sources. It is a problem that must be solved and these steps can help.