How to Select the Right Pearl Engagement Ring Stones

Pearls are embraced for its elegance and comfort from thousands of years. It was used to decorate royal jewellery and paintings. Natural pearls in wild deep seas are hard to find and therefore it is costly.

What is Pearl?

When sand particles enter the shell of a mussel, it releases substance called nacre to ease the irritation. Nacre is made up of calcium carbonate and protein. After passage of time nacre gets layered up into lovely looking shiny pearl.

Pearl Qualities and Engagement Ring Stones

Royal sophisticated look and value of pearl rings for engagement is contributed by many factors.

  • Lustre

Foremost quality of pearl is its lustre. Other gems are compared with pearls for their “pearly lustre” as their surfaces look shiny and reflect light. It indicates how much finishing and shine it gives. Brighter and sharper reflecting pearls have more value. Thicker nacre makes the pearl more shining. Dull or chalky appearing pearls should never be purchased. Orient (displaying rainbow colours) reflecting pearls are more valuable.

  • Shape

It is hard to presume and control the shape of pearl produced from vertebrates. They form baroque, meaning with irregular shapes. Circular shape is hard to find that make it more expensive.

Specifically round shaped pearl should be regular and not oval and free from dimples or rings. Colour and lustre should be equally distributed. Most designs display bottom part of the pearl which are for the economic buyers.

  • Colour

Though they are generally white in colour but often found in wide shades. Pearl colour is a personal preference for engagement rings. Colour of the pearl changes the price of the engagement ring.

Tips for pearl engagement ring stones

  • Pearl treatment

Freshwater lower quality pearls are dyed in variety of shades. They look artificial unless dyed with light shade which can be easily detected as dye concentrates around drill holes. Pearls sometimes are exposed to gamma rays to give a look of blue-grey or black. Gamma rays don’t make stable colour and treated freshwater pearl gives unnatural shine.

Cultured pearls are not fakes

Cultured pearls are real but not natural. They are produced b living organisms in the same natural manner only under human supervision. While natural pearls give much prestigious and valuable.


Every girl wants to have pearl rings in her collection. Use these tips to select the right pearl rings.