Five Things You Need to Know About CBD Oil Before You Buy

So, you have made the decision to try CBD Oil for the first time. While making the decision was a big step, it is just the beginning. There are many more things that you need to know in order to be able to make an informed decision. There are many different options for you to consider before making the final decision on your first purchase.

In order to help you make the right decision, came up with a list of 5 important things that you should know about and take into consideration when it comes using CBD Oil products for the first time.

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5 Important things that you should know before making a CBD Oil purchase

What is the source of the Hemp Plant that was used to produce the CBD Oil?

It is really important to know where the hemp plants were grown that were used to extract the CBD from. This is primarily because of the type of plant it is and that it accumulates all of the elements (good and bad) that it comes into contact with (air born, water born and through the soil) and this means everything that is used to make it grow will potentially end up inside the plant.

Is there any THC found in CBD Oil? It is imperative that you read the packaging and ask questions if you don’t want a psychoactive effect to occur.

What is the exact concentration of CBD in the oil product you are purchasing?

The concentration of the CBD in the CBD Oil definitely will make a difference on the effectiveness of the product that you are looking to purchase. Be sure that the product that you buy is exactly what you were expecting. You want to be sure that the product you choose contains between 250mg to 1000mg per fluid ounce of CBD.

Can you be sure of the purity of the CBD Oil?

To be truly sure of the purity of the CBD Oil product that you are buying is to have it tested by a 3rd party testing lab that has no connection to the company that you are considering buying from. It is up to you to find a credible testing company.

What process was used to extract the CBD from the Hemp Plant?

There are actually several different extraction methods that can be used in order to successfully get the cannabinoids out of the Hemp Plant. The most common and least expensive method for extracting CBD from the Cannabis Hemp Plant is called CO2 Extraction. The process involves using CO2 gas under pressure and at very low temperatures to safely extract the CBD.

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