Fact and Friction: Benefits of Friction Runway Sweepers

Rocks, nails, and metal that get caught in tractors and combines take away hours of time from a productive seeding or harvest season. Similarly, foreign object debris that interfere with aircraft movement can not only sap time but cause deadly accidents and require billions of dollars in repair. That’s why a runway sweeperis key to removing an obstacle object.

While airports and air forces use vacuums, rotary brooms, magnetic bars, and trucks already, objects STILL remain caught despite such devices. Metallic and non-metallic foreign object debris can be ingested into jet engines by vortex suction, can puncture aircraft tires, destroy propellers and clearly cause severe aircraft accidents. You simply cannot get by with the bare minimum in removal services. Maximize your safety and protect your people and devices with the leading runway sweeper on the market, the FOD BOSS.The FOD BOSS is trusted by every major Air Force worldwide for a reason. It’s not an assistant in removing debris. It’s not an employee in removing debris. It’s the BOSS in removing debris.

Runway sweepers come in several options.  Mechanical sweepers force debris into a collection bin, but their metal bristles can break off and become obstacle debris themselves. Vacuum sweepers use air suction to force debris out of the way and are especially helpful in dusty environments. While the mechanical bristles merely move dust around, vacuum sweepers obliterate dust by sucking it all up. Finally, there are friction mat sweepers like the FOD Boss. Friction mat sweepers are a contraption you attach to the end your vehicle and tow along as it collects 99% of debris with a variety of brushes. Lightweight and portable, friction mat sweepers are easy to use, attach, detach, and stow away.

Friction mat sweepers like the FOD Boss have an incredibly high 99% capture rate in the initial pass. But large debris like soda cans or weather conditions like heavy winds can affect that efficiency. Also note that the FOD Boss is not designed for snowy conditions or snow or golf ball size hail removal. The way to ensure the 99% pickup rate is to drive no faster than 20 mph and to keep a close eye on the bristles and asphalt’s wetness and sandiness. While wetness and grain do not impact it noticeably, sometimes it may require you to slow down.

The FOD Boss is not only user-friendly, light, portable, and efficient, it’s also inexpensive because it does not require as much maintenance as mechanical and vacuum sweepers. Since 1994, it’s been the leading runway sweeper and if it doesn't amaze you with its quality, we offer a LIFETIME guarantee or your money back.