Common Mistakes While Wearing The Lingerie That You Should Avoid!

Lingerie are garments that all women are equally excited about. Choosing the right lingerie is a difficult task as the wide variety to choose from makes us go hay-wire. Lingerie have added a lot to their types and colours and shapes and selecting the right types for the right body is one challenging task.  However, some points should be kept in mind while going shopping for lingerie. If you, too, are in a state of utter confusion as to what to buy and how to distinguish between the right and the wrong, well this post is just for you. You can apply Intimissimi discount codes to avail great deals and discounts on their website.

  1. Bra Fabric:

Checking the fabric of the bra before buying it off the shelf is very necessary. It should be comfortable and suitable for your skin type. There are some fabrics that do not suit our skin types leaving us with itchy bodies and rashes on our skin.

  1. Right Beneath:

Choosing to wear the right type of bra beneath your top is very important. You cannot wear lacy bras underneath your plain white t-shirt, it will show and form some weird outline of the structure of the bra on top of your dress. It will guide some unwanted attention towards you and is absolutely inappropriate.

  1. Shapewear:

How many times has it been when you have stayed glued to that magazine or Instagram post where the girl looks PERFECT in that lingerie? Trust me we all have and craved for that set and how! Well, if you are lucky enough to get to buy one like that, make sure that you don’t end up buying a smaller size just to look like the model. This approach is very wrong and even harmful to your body. Wearing shapewear for a long time may cause several health issues and should not be worn for more than 6 hours straight. The blood flow can be harmed if you are wearing the wrong size!

  1. Size:

Fashion is for all and women should be allowed to wear whatever they want to, irrespective of their shapes and sizes. But while doing so in case of lingerie, may cost them their health. Some girls with small breasts tend to wear a bra of the smaller size to make them look bigger. It is very wrong as it disrupts the blood flow and may cause serious health issues. While there are some, who choose to wear a larger size for the same reason. This, too, is not at all appropriate for a bra that doesn’t fit properly, may cause backaches. It is just the reason why a doctor always advises to choose lingerie wisely.

  1. Colour (Not):

We go completely mad while selecting the colours of the bras. They come in plenty, and it is quite difficult to choose what we really need. So, you can keep a collection of colourful bras but when it comes to wearing it underneath your white top, do NOT opt for any other colour other than a nude one (not even white) as they tend to show. It is considered to be wholly tacky and inappropriate.

  1. Homewear:

Choosing what to wear at home can at times be difficult. Because, to be very honest, the first thing that we take off after reaching home is the bra. It is even advisable for people with small breasts. But those with bigger ones should refrain from doing so as your breast ligaments might stretch out and it becomes inappropriate for you to go about without wearing one. However, you cannot stay at home wearing a lacy bra and opt for a sports bra instead, that keep your breasts in place and lets your skin breathe too. They hold up your breasts, causing no discomfort.

  1. Material:

While shopping for a bra, the first thing that you should check is the material it is made up of. For most of the bras, they are made up of 100% cotton. It may sound comfortable, but they tend to rip apart real soon and cannot hold your breasts up for an extended period. Hence, you should go for bras that are made of 80% cotton and 20% elastane, instead.

  1. Matching:

While wearing a stylish lingerie set, do not try to mix and match. Try sticking to its own set. It looks very cheap when your lingerie top and bottom don’t match.

Now your lingerie shopping got made easy and super stylish. Be ready to slay in comfort!