Best Way to Travel to Israel as a Large Group

A trip with family and friends around the country or abroad is a great way to reconnect. After months of conflicting schedules from school, work, and other responsibilities, your vacation is the perfect opportunity to meet up and bond over a shared experience.

The challenges that come with traveling as a large group are the logistical issues. Here are ways you can counteract those problems and maximize your time together:

Forgo the hotel

Hotels are not a budget-friendly option when you are traveling alone or in a group. They charge per night and have additional fees that can add up towards the end of your stay. When visiting Israel during peak seasons like spring and autumn (April, May, and October), hotels can be fully booked. You would be forced to compromise by splitting the group into different rooms on different levels. It does not foster an environment to interact with everyone. Being in separate rooms mean that even when you are in the same place, you must coordinate. Imagine the scenario of a room filled with heavy sleepers who naturally wake up at noon; that is half the day wasted!

Look for short term rentals in Israel instead with There are vacation rentals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem vacation rentals, the two largest cities in the country. An apartment provides a communal area for everyone to talk and discuss plans. There is no need to run to a different room or flood the chat box to agree on a time and place.

Make subgroups for crowded areas

You cannot avoid splitting up when traveling, the sidewalks are narrow, and the marketplaces are crowded. Make it a point to separate only when necessary like during tours or places with an established walkway. Agree on your subgroups early on before your trip or during the flight over. Do not treat these subgroups as something permanent. You can change the groups day to day with a ‘leader’ who will coordinate with the other subgroups. The leader of every group should have a fully charged cellphone with a reliable phone plan. Clear communication between subgroups can save you a lot of time in between locations.

Visit places that allow everyone to interact

When touring, insert buffer locations that allow you to regroup after being separated. Large spaces like national parks, nature reserves, beaches or restaurants can give you a place to share your thoughts and experiences. This vacation does not have to be all about sights. If casually hanging out can deepen the experience for you and your friends, then make it happen. Visiting buffer locations can also show you what the local scene is like, away from all crowded tourist destinations.

Making the most out of your trip is all about never missing the opportunity to see, to learn, and to experience new things. Being among the people you love and trust and embarking on this adventure is a bonus.