5 Fun Activities for Your Toddler for Her Healthy Growth

Your little bundle of joy is growing day by day and seeing her language skills and walking ability enhancing every day is sheer pleasure for you.

It’s important to spend time with him at this stage because his development will get a great boost with your interactions with him.

According to child psychologists, from 1 year to 2 years of age, children learn to try doing things on their own, checking cause and effect, and interacting with others around them.

It’s therefore very essential for parents to stimulate them, teach them things, interact with them and presenting age-appropriate experiences and challenges to them so as to boost development.

But you don’t require giving your kid a pile of toys for this. Only a few quality toys from https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/ for example are enough.

Then in addition, you can include a few simple activities in their schedule and they will work well.

You can come up with hundreds of activities even with a single block since it’s just about interacting with the child.

Here are a few fun activities you can introduce to your child to make her enjoy the day.

1. Counting

Kids love to count their eyes, ears, fingers and toes. Teach your toddler to touch every digit only once while you should count out loud.

Don’t worry if he counts in a wrong order because order is not important. Numbers are new introductions just as new words.

Just use them to teach your kid to count fingers or objects and eventually she will understand the concept of numbers.

2. Beach Fun

Upon reaching the age of 18 months, your child will find sand and water play a great fun. Take sand or water in a large tub and provide your kid with a rein to scoop, dig, pour and other activities.

Play with your child or encourage playing alone or with his friends. If you play with him, keep talking and singing. But remember not to leave your kid unattended near water.

Your child will learn fine motor skills and creative play, and will undergo social development and tactile stimulation with this activity.

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3. Telephone Call

Use old phones or toy phones for this activity. One should be given to the child and the other should be kept for you.

Make mock calls and talk with each other or with imaginary people on phone. Increase the amusement by making funny sounds and creating silly pretend people on the other line.

Some phones even allow you to record your conversation and play it back which will add to the fun.

Skills developed with this activity are social development and language skills.

4. Playing House

Form a castle from a cardboard box to which there should be an entrance and exit. Your child would like to go in and come out, though you may have to teach her at first.

Add to the amusement factor with some mock actions like ringing a doorbell or knocking the door, and even asking if there is anybody home.

Skills learned with this activity include gross motor skills, social skills and exploration of environment.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

5. Playing Music

Children are enticed with music. Obviously musical toys like the ones from https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/musical-toys/ should be great for your kid.

Plus, you can give him spoons, bells, pots and pans, drums and rattle and let him make music. Make him listen to fun tunes having an exciting beat. He will immensely enjoy this and learn to play with the beat.

The skills your child will learn with this include listening, coordination and musical exploration.

Spending time with your toddler and keeping her amused all the time will help in her healthy growth and you’ll be pleased to see her growing.