5 Creative Samosa-Filling Recipes to Make Your Snack Time More Appetizing

Even if you are a healthy eater, you will agree that certain things taste good only when they are fried, and samosa is one of them. It is the most popular Indian street food that every Indian love to have with tea and it tastes the best when it is fried in oil and not baked. You can fry it in a conventional manner, but it is better to use a deep fryer or a curry cooker cum fryer.

While everyone is aware of the potato-filled samosa, here are 5 creative samosa-filling recipes to make your snack time more appetizing.

Keema Samosa

Take minced meat (chicken or mutton) and add spices to it to make a flavoursome keema. You can even make this samosa if you have leftover keema. Fill it in the samosa strips, shape it into a triangle, seal and deep fry. The keema will taste all the more flavoursome when turned into a samosa.

Pasta Samosa

Pasta is fast becoming a favourite food of many. Why not give it a desi twist and make the samosa filling using your favourite pasta? It doesn’t matter whether it's in red or white sauce. You can make whatever pasta you want. Make sure that it is really dry else it will squeeze out while frying causing the oil to splutter. Take the readymade samosa strips, fill in the pasta filling in it, seal and fry it in your deep fryer.

Japanese Samosa

The regular potato samosa can be boring, but use the same potato filling for making something different. Mix a little oil and salt to all-purpose flour and make a soft dough using some warm water. Make the potato filling by adding spices to mashed and boiled potatoes. Roll a ball of dough like a chapatti and spread this filling mixture over it. Roll into a cylinder and cut small cylinders out of it. Use a deep fryer to fry it till golden crisp.

Cheese Samosa

There are many cheese lovers who would love to bite into a yummy cheese samosa. Take any regular cheese and add spices like fresh rosemary and coriander to it. Refrain from adding salt as cheese in itself is quite salty. Fill this mixture in the samosa strips and seal well. You need to fry it in real hot oil; otherwise, the cheese will start melting and oozing out of the covering.

Khoya Samosa

For all those who have a sweet tooth, this samosa will be a good treat. It is like adding a sweet twist to the otherwise savoury dish. Take a pan and add khoya to it. Sauté it for few minutes till lightly brown. Let it cool and then add coarsely cut nuts to it. These can be almonds, cashews, raisins or watermelon seeds etc. Also, add some powdered sugar according to taste. Now, fill this mixture in samosa strips and deep fry it to enjoy sweet samosas.

These creative samosa-filling recipes will definitely bring a smile to your face when you bite into it. Serve it to everyone at home and they are sure to come back for a second serving!