5 cool outdoor campaign ideas

One of the most effective means of communicating your message to the target audience is advertisements. It can be further divided into many other forms like newspaper and outdoor advertising.

Outdoor campaigns are also known as ‘out of home' advertising, and it plays the role of grabbing the attention of the mass when they are out of their home. These ads need to be very catchy to seize the attention and to retain the same for a period of time. The competition has become tougher due to the entry of the other forms of advertisements through social media and web. You can take more campaign ideas from ramblenerds.

However, if you can plan your campaign creatively and meaningfully, you are bound to get a good return on investment.

Some of the cool outdoor campaign ideas that you can use are:

  1. Billboards. Traditional billboards have always been a very effective mean of advertisement and technology has improvised it further. You can take the help of technology to affix a camera or a speedometer to the billboard which will respond once a passer-by matches the criteria set in the programme.

Reebok has used this concept in 2016. It had put up a billboard with a camera and tracking device which could measure the speed at which the passer-by crossed it. Anyone crossing it at the speed of 17km/hour was rewarded.

This is a great way of launching new products and services in the market.

  1. Social display. It is a great way of showcasing real-life scenarios and the struggles of people. These ads are very effective when the motive of it is to instigate the emotions of the people to make the take any stern decision. Many a time in spite of reading we fail to feel the plight of others and then these ads which create a replica of the facts are very impactful.

Red Cross has effectually used it to showcase the plights of the people in Syria suffering from the wars. They have created replicas of the Syrian homes near their stores, and this bold move could draw more attention than any other form of communication.

  1. Directional boards. When on the road, people mostly tend to miss boards which do not add any immediate value. Among these, the maximum attention is grabbed by the milestones and signage. Use these in favor of your business and highlight the direction and the distance of your shop to the travelers. Make it catchy and bright with a tagline and give them a reason to visit your shop. This becomes convenient if yours is a take away joint or a grocery corner from where travelers can grab their food.
  2. Wifi zone. It is heavily used by hotels and restaurants where you can connect to free wi-fi with the password provided to you. However, you can take it to a new level by making it free of any password. If you are participating in any seminar or expo, and you know that it will be a challenge to snatch the attention of the visitors in the midst of competition, you can provide a free wi-fi connection to all the visitors with the name of your brand and products.
  3. Test ride. You must have heard about test rides of cars and bikes, and you know the benefits of it. If you are the seller of baby gears why not use the same technique that Kolcraft has used for its prams and baby strollers? Babies cannot speak of their experience and as parents they keep on wondering what is best for their child. You can create a larger version of their baby gears and encourage the parents to take test rides. This will not only be a fun experience for them but will also help them to win your trust.

Over the world, each day companies are thinking of new ways to promote their products and services. In this cut-throat competitive world, gaining customers is the just starting point of a more challenging journey of retaining the same. Besides good service, if you can think out of the box, you will surely be able to retain your customer base while creating the new pool of buyers.

You can take motivation from the world's best outdoor campaigns and modify them according to your requirements.